Parallel Session 2.3

Leveraging Strategic Purchasing for UHC through Strengthened Governance

1 February 2020

10:30 - 12:30 hrs.

Background :

Moving towards more strategic purchasing of health services – linking the allocation of resources to providers to data on provider performance and the health needs of the populations they serve, while managing expenditure growth – is increasingly recognized as one of the critical means by which health financing reforms can drive and sustain progress towards UHC.  But weak institutional capacity and governance can be a binding constraint for going to scale with strategic purchasing reforms.
Many countries have taken important steps to address these challenges, and their experience can shed light on key implementation issues. They have strengthened accountability mechanisms, created a virtuous cycle of data analysis as an input to reform and continuous review, emphasized the outcomes of efficiency and equity, and aligned public financial management with strategic purchasing objectives.

Objectives :

• Review which accountability and governance mechanism can enable purchasing agencies to get better results (from efficiency and equity perspective) from their resources, as well as shed light on institutional capacity and related implementation issues.

• Discuss key issues relating to strengthening accountability and oversight in line with purchaser autonomy and capacity and institutionalizing anti-corruption measures;
• Explore how to guarantee wide stakeholder participation, including citizens and civil society;
• Explore how to improve data and integrated information management systems as a core pillar for effective governance;

The session is proposed as a panel session with participation of key stakeholders in the governance and accountability process, including the government, legislature, management of purchasing organizations and civil society and health care providers.


Short Paper: