P4H – the global Network for health financing and Social Health Protection

Meeting Organizer

P4H network


Contact Person : Claude Meyer,

29 January 2020
09:00 - 12:30 hrs.
Venue : Lotus Suite 6

Open to All Participants


Background: The UNGA HLM in New York in September 2019 has given renewed attention to the importance of collaborative approaches across agencies, reinforced by the launch of the Global Action Plan (GAP). Moving UHC forward can only progress at country level, thus mechanisms of how to translate these global commitments into tangible actions on the ground are needed. One such country-focused mechanisms is the P4H network for financing for UHC that has increasingly grown in terms of membership and country support over the past years. P4H Network: The P4H Network comprises a broad mix of international partners and investors in Universal Health Coverage with different mandates, purposes, comparative strengths, and sector affiliation. P4H combines the normative and technical support with the political commitment, financial contributions and wealth of expertise and experience of its member organisations. Member organizations of the P4H Network hold mandates spanning health, social and finance sectors. Currently, there are 18 organisations as members of the P4H network and the network has been active in more than 35 countries since its inception in 2008. The objective of the P4H network is to support coordinated country level discussions on sustainable health financing for UHC across members and in a whole of government approach. For this end, the P4H network has developed various instruments which it would like to present and discuss.


The aim of this session is to inform participants about lessons-learnt of the P4H network in the past years when it comes to coordinating approaches in health financing for UHC amongst development partners and in a whole-of-government approach. It will present the work done with the support of the so-called P4H focal points in a number of countries and the leadership for UHC (L4UHC) programme. A practical exercise from the L4UHC programme will be proposed to make it more lively.