Helene Barroy

Senior Health Financing Specialist

World Health Organization


Dr Helene Barroy is a Senior Health Financing Specialist with the WHO, based in the headquarters office in Geneva. She specializes in public financial management (PFM), budgeting and fiscal space for health. Helene also leads the Montreux Collaborative Agenda on Fiscal Space, Public Financial Management and Health Financing, which generates global knowledge and policy guidance on health financing and PFM reforms. Previously, Helene was an economist at the World Bank, leading public expenditure reviews and fiscal space analyses in the health sector (Bangladesh, Chad, DRC, Gabon, Viet Nam). Prior to joining the World Bank, Helene spent more than ten years working on health systems and financing programs in sub-Saharan African countries (DRC, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Niger, Somaliland). She provided technical support to the Ministries of Health in Niger and Liberia on budgetary mechanisms to compensate free care programs. She also worked as an health economics policy adviser for the French Government under the G8 and G20 French Presidency. Her initial training is in public finance and economics (Sciences Po, 1998). She holds a master’s degree in public policy for health (LSHTM, 2008) and a PhD in health economics (CERDI, 2013).
1 FEB, 2020 10:30-12-30 hrs. PS 2.1 Making and Using (Fiscal) Space for UHC