Helping decision makers access (and use) the evidence: the role of regional health observatories in sharing tools for UHC

Meeting Organizer

Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

African Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Contact Person : Dr Nima Asgari,

28 January 2020
09:00 - 12:30 hrs.
Venue : Lotus Suite 9

Open to All Participants


Policy makers want to make evidence informed decisions – particularly as they develop their health service architecture but they face an evidence gap. Regional health Observatories came into being as a response to generate and communicate policy related evidence on health systems to the countries in their target regions Regional health observatories are now established in Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Unlike the global health observatory which focuses on collation, estimation and refinement of health-related data, the regional observatories’ focus is on synthesis and delivery of policy relevant evidence (as publications or dialogues) with the aim of supporting policy makers and their advisors. For the first time, all three regional health observatories are gathered together to share their experiences on this issue highlighting the way they are tackling the specific political and policy environments they inhabit.


The first half of the session focuses on the observatories, and their work and how they are evolving to be responsive. In the second half, the focus moves to how observatories capture the needs of policy makers, how they can translate that need into workable questions and translating the evidence into changes in policy. This is followed by an example of collaborative work between the observatories and countries to generate evidence.