Empowering UHC through population-based health promotion

Meeting Organizer

Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Thailand

International Network of Health Promotion Foundations (INHPF)

Contact Person : Milin Sakornsin,

28 January 2020
14:00 - 17:30 hrs.
Venue : Lotus Suite 5

Open to All Participants


In the context of increased burden from NCD, there is a need for increased effective coverage of interventions in particular the best buys, and fully funded with strong implementation capacities. Prevention and disease prevention will minimize the incidence or slow down the progression of clinical conditions which requires high cost curative services and rehabilitation. Conventionally, UHC scheme requires that all people receive the health services. Though there are some elements of health promotion and disease prevention in UHC scheme but they are still services-based approaches such as providing vaccination, screening and scanning services etc. Health promotion, therefore, should be addressed under population-based intervention and actions to center on keeping people well, largely through promoting healthy behavior and environments. Implementing robust, effective evidence-based health promotion programs would improve people's health profoundly and also help ensure the financial viability of UHC. WHO recognizes population-based health promotion that it includes activities for the community-at-large or for populations at increased risk of negative health outcomes. Health promotion usually addresses behavioral risk factors such as tobacco use, obesity, diet and physical inactivity, as well as the areas of mental health, injury prevention, drug abuse control, alcohol control, health behavior related to HIV, and sexual health. Therefore, it is essential to form a body or platform to responsibility on promoting population-based health promotion through the life course to help empowering UHC.


1. To pursue how to strengthening health promotion and disease prevention through population-based interventions and actions to empower UHC 2. To pursue what international health promotion network as INHPF can do to promote health promotion through UHC in global level