Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program Conference 2020: Strengthening UHC through health literacy programs

Meeting Organizer

Prince Mahidol Award Youth Program

Faculty of Medicine,Chiang Mai University

Royal College of Family Physicians of Thailand

The General practitioner/Family physician association of Thailand

Contact Person : Pattarawalai Talungchit,

29 January 2020
09:00 - 12:30 hrs.
Venue : World Ballroom B, FL. 23

Open to All Participants


Health literacy is generally thought to be associated with positive health behavior, appropriate health service utilization and acceptance of interventions to maximize health outcomes. It is, therefore, increasingly suggested that evidence-based intervention to promote literacy would strenthen universal health coverage (UHC).


This session will discuss in 5 topics "What is Health Literacy, Using Telemedicine to promote literacy in caregivers of patients with chronic disease, Interventions to promote health literacy among patients with chronic diseases, Interventions to promote literacy among migrant populations and Cost-effectiveness of behavioral health/ literacy interventions".