Plenary Session 3

UHC and the Changing Global Landscape

1 February 2020

14:00 - 15:00 hrs.

Background :

The world needs to put the progress towards UHC on track to be able to achieve it by 2030. To this end, the global community must rise to the coming challenges that can affect UHC (including service needs, availability and use issues, quality of services, and financial protection). It is essential that we forecast important changes in global landscape over the next decade, and that we identify opportunities with the potential to accelerate progress towards UHC. Challenges and opportunities are context-dependent. For example, economy(industry), society(technology), politics and environment are all key aspects that can affect this progress. 

Objectives :

  • The plenary considers the global landscape affecting the achievement of UHC from a range of perspectives, which include: environmental, economic and industrial, social and technological, and political, and educational. It will set the stage for deep-dive discussion in the following parallel sessions on key challenges and potential key drivers. To identify them, it also explores the linkage of the landscape to UHC 
  • The plenary mainly focuses on identifying ‘what’ are the challenges and opportunities, and the parallel sessions discusses ‘how’ to address challenges and seize opportunities. 


Short Paper: