Site 2 Promote Quality of Life of Prisoners in Prisons

LOCATION : Samutprakan Central Prison, Samutprakan

According to the prisons survey, it was found that there are very few prisoners who could access to healthcare services due to many reasons such as difficulty to access to services, personal security of the prisoners, and not enough health workforce. Therefore, an MOU in January 2019 set up Samutprakan Central Prison as a contracting unit in the NHSO system. The aim is to assure the international community that Thailand takes care of prisoners in line with human right principles. The contracting unit for primary care (CUP) is undertaking registrations and links with referral hospitals for further healthcare services including early screening for TB, prevention and promotion activities, etc.

The site visit will present how it is implementing to support developing access to healthcare services, healthy environment, and social assistance in prisons to promote the quality of life of prisoners.