Site 6 Innovation of Service: One Day Surgery

LOCATION : Pahonpolpayuhasena Hospital, Kanchanaburi

The Ministry of Public Health has been setting the 5-year-goal for One Day Surgery to cover at least one health unit in each regional health area within 2021. The One Day Surgery system possibly reduces the rate of admissions and national expenditure by around 1,267.50 million Baht by supporting patients with self-preparation before going to the hospital and after receiving surgery, then going back home without admission within 24 hours. This system does not only decrease the admission rate and lower the budget, but also saves money for patients, decreases waiting-list of surgery and over-crowding problems in hospitals.

Pahonpolpayuhasena Hospital, Kanchanaburi has been providing One Day Surgery for hernia surgery for more than 10 years since 1999. Since 2017, it has been developing to be a One Day Surgery center, which is being planned to be a training center in the future.

This site visit will show the innovation of service to decrease waiting-list of surgery and over-crowding problems in hospitals and this innovation is developed to be the national benefit package