Site 4: Matching Funds for Better Rehabilitation and Intermediate Care

LOCATION : Saraburi Provincial Administrative Organization and Saohai Hospital

Saraburi Provincial Rehabilitation Funds are matching funds set to be contributed in equal amount from the National Health Security Office and Saraburi Provincial Administrative Organization. The funds were launched in accordance with Section 47 of the National Health Security Act and aimed to serve health care needs of the local community by including the local community in decision making and co-funding of health-related programs. The funds were set up to provide health access for disabled, elderly, dependent or palliative care patients; which include intermediate care, rehabilitation services, medical products, assistive devices, to develop their quality of life.

The funds have strengthened the abilities to respond to various needs of intermediate care and dependent patients. As the growing number of patients who have suffered from stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury; many patients are not fully recovered or ready to care for themselves, and become care burden for their families and communities. They struggle in managing their conditions resulting from adverse events due to inappropriate care. The intermediate care system and rehabilitation services have been established by the support of these available matching funds. Patients receive necessary health care services by the multidisciplinary care team during a golden period of recovery such as health care services in an intermediate ward, outpatient rehabilitation services, home visits and home modifications. By receiving these services, the abilities to care for themselves of patients and their families increased and various complications decreased. 

The study visits will present how they provide and support activities of intermediate care and rehabilitation services to disabled patients, and the activities of related local community networks.