Site 4 Local Community Funds for Rehabilitation to Intermediate Patients

LOCATION : Provincial Administrative Organization, Saraburi

Local community funds for rehabilitation is in a matching fund form, in accordance with Section 47 of the National Health Security Act, to respond to health needs of the local community by including the local community in decision making and co-funding of health-related programs. The funds were set up to provide health access for disabled patients, elderly patients, dependent patients, and palliative care patients; which include rehabilitation services, assistive devices, and developing their quality of life.

The strength of local community funds for rehabilitation in Saraburi is a rehabilitation system management for intermediate care patients and dependent patients, such as providing an assistive equipment and a medical product bank; renovating some places in patients’ houses to be convenient according to patients’ conditions; and providing a reliable referral system.

The study visit will present how they provide and support activities for disabled patients, and the activities of related networks.